Kasper Swain

2D Artist based in Omaha, NE

I love trying new things and constantly pushing the boundaries of my skill! I’m especially fond of telling stories through comics and illustration.

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Available Now I'm open for personal and commercial freelance! Send me a message with what you're thinking and I'll get you a quote.

Email kswain.art@gmail.com

Phone (402) 350-5585

I'm not me without my art--I love what I do and want to do it for the rest of my life!

Over the years I've done plenty of freelance, worked at a game studio, rebranded a local art gallery, sold my own merchandise at conventions and online, and made consistent updates on my webcomic. I've even raised over $22,000 on Kickstarter and manage a Patreon!

Aside from my art, I have a background in management, so I'm big on organizing myself, setting realistic goals, and working with others to get the best result for the product we're making. Hitting deadlines and having an open line of communication is important to me.

Did I mention I LOVE collaborating with others? I love seeing everyone's strengths come together to make something amazing, and being able to bounce ideas off of other people is integral to good design. I've worked in a team setting extensively and value it immensely!


Masked Singer
Anime Nebraskon
Small E Web Design


Concept Art
Project Management


Clip Studio Paint
After Effects


Blue Pomegranate Gallery

Graphic Designer

Omaha, NE · April 2014 – April 2015

Rebranded company with new logo and signage. Responsible for creating digital and print marketing materials for emails, business cards, banners, and more.

ReVision Studios

Lead Comic Artist

Omaha, NE · May 2013 – Present

I create and self-publish an original comic on a consistent basis, manage a small team of assistants to preserve workflow and meet deadlines, and go to conventions to promote the work. I’ve organized successful Kickstarter campaigns and have experience running a Patreon!

SkyVu Entertainment

2D Artist

Omaha, NE · March 2013 – November 2013

Worked on mobile games creating concept art, illustrations, marketing materials, and textures for 3D models. Collaborated with a large team of artists and programmers under a director.

Various Clients

Freelance Artist

Omaha, NE · April 2009 – Present

Worked with a variety of clients on both personal and commercial projects as a comic colorist, promotional artist, illustrator, and concept artist. I manage my time efficiently, prioritize tasks, take feedback in stride, and keep deadlines.


Metropolitan Community College

Electronic Imaging & Media Arts

Omaha, NE · Fall 2009 – Spring 2013

Studied a variety of traditional and digital disciplines, including illustration, graphic design, web design, and motion graphics.