Kasper Swain — 2D Artist based in Omaha, NE

Convention Merchandise


A collection of examples of what I sell at conventions in the artist alley. I sell both original and fan work in various forms:

-Comic trades (original)
-Single comic issues (original)
-Prints (5x7", 8x10", 11x17")
-Keychains (acrylic)

Full collection of “Midwinter” merchandise

“The Promised Neverland” Acrylic Keychains

“Castlevania” 5x7" Prints

“My Hero Academia” All Might 11x17" Print

“Ancient Magus Bride” Acrylic Keychains

“Transformers” 5x7" Prints

“Mononoke” Acrylic Keychain

“Borderlands” Handsome Jack 11x17" Print

“Gargoyles” Goliath & Elisa Acrylic Keychain

“Star Trek” 8x10" Prints